Answers to frequently asked questions about the conference

What is the procedure and the program?

The conference takes place from March 15-17 and starts on Friday at 2:00 pm. If your participation has been confirmed, you are welcome to arrive from 12:00 noon, check in at the Info-Point and move into your bed. Lunch is served from 13:00-13:45. Our final plenary session ends at 15:30 on Sunday. You can find our schedule & the program
on our website.

What is the aim of the conference?

With our conference “Let’s Socialize – Socialization as a Strategy for Climate Justice”, we specifically invite pioneers of practice such as activists, trade unionists and scientists to design a radical practice of socialization that leads to a climate-just future. Together, we will develop various project ideas and campaigns aimed at democratic management from below in the energy, agriculture and food, care and mobility sectors. We will look at past successes and failures of socio-ecological struggles and invite different actors to come together, to exchange and to connect. By focusing on questions of practice and organisation, we are taking the current debates on socialisation from the podiums to the streets and into the workplaces!

Is content translated?

We will try to organize translations for you. Please contact us with your requirements: konferenz@communia.de

How do I get to the conference?

Our conference will take place at the Seezeit Resort on Lake Werbellin in Brandenburg. The address is: Joachimsthaler Straße 20, 16247 Joachimsthal.
The closest train stations are Eberswalde and Joachimsthal. Buses run from both stations to the bus stop “Altenhof Seezeit Werbellinsee”. If possible, please use one of the regular buses. In addition, we will set up a shuttle, especially for off-peak times or if taking the bus is inconvenient for you.

You can find more information about our conference venue and how to get there

What happens if I have been allocated a place but can't make it?

If you fall ill before the conference and are therefore unable to attend, please send us an email – this way we can enable people on the waiting list to take part:

What was used to decide which participants were accepted or rejected?

There was an extensive registration form that asked about political organization, social positioning and personal experience and motivation, among other things. A jury used this information to select the conference participants. The jury consisted of six people; one person from each of the thematic strands (care, agriculture and food, mobility and energy), from the process working group and from the solidarity and support working group (which deals with awareness work for the conference, among other things).

Is participation possible without registration?

Unfortunately not. We have limited capacity in the event rooms. The sleeping places are already taken.

Can I still register?

Unfortunately not. We have a maximum of 360 sleeping places. These are already occupied. In addition, the waiting list is already long enough to fill the places even in the event of spontaneous cancellations.

Can I just come by on one day or should I be there for the whole weekend?

Each person whose participation has been confirmed has reserved one of 360 sleeping places. That’s why it would be nice if you used it. The aim of the conference is networking, exchange and also to develop concrete results in the workshops. The more people who spend the whole weekend at the conference, the better we will achieve these goals.

What costs will I incur?

We are able to cover part of the costs for food and accommodation through funding, but are dependent on donations to cover the entire costs. We also want to enable people who have no money to participate. This makes it all the more important that everyone who can contributes something. If you take part in the conference, we ask you for a donation of 30-100 €.

Account details: Konzeptwerk Neue Ökonomie e.V.
IBAN: DE02 4306 0967 1137 2088 00
Intended use: LetsSocialize

For better planning, we would be particularly pleased if you donate directly after you have received the welcome email.
If you have registered a need for travel expenses, you will receive separate information on this. You can reach the conference’s Finance AG at

Is there food and drink?

Yes, everything is taken care of. The conference takes place during Ramadan, which is why we also make sure that a hot meal is available after the official meal time.

Where will I stay overnight?

There will be childcare. We have asked for your requirements in the registration form. If you don’t need childcare after all, please get in touch with us:

What will the awareness structure at the conference look like?

We want everyone to feel comfortable at our conference. Awar e.V. has created a concept for us and will also provide the awareness structure on site. You can read the concept here in advance.